4 Poems - SOFTBLOW

3 Poems - Yes, Poetry

2 Poems - Puerto del Sol*

2 Poems - Hobart

2 Poems - Frontier Poetry

“From an Airplane the First Time” - Glass: A Journal of Poetry

“I Leave Unnoticed” - Typishly

”Lithium” - Pleiades

“Middle of Protesting” - Rattle

“Mother, Son, Grandmother” - Entropy

“The Therapist Asks, How Does the Brain Feel” - The Cincinnati Review*

“Visitor from Venus on Earth” - Wildness Journal

“Who Will Stop Me From Dying” - Cotton Xenomorph

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Poems in: Cream City Review, Diode Editions, EcoTheo, The McNeese Review, Sugar House Review, Poet Lore, Sporklet